About Us

About Us

Fuel Drop is a Website & Mobile App’ based fuel delivery service. 
Fuel Drop is a new service delivering fuel to your vehicles, trucks, boats, generators and other plant & machinery throughout greater Darwin. Our purpose and mission are to save our customers time and money by eliminating the need to stop for fuel. In doing so, we're reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles on the roads, and taking the risk out of fuelling at the petrol station.



It's long been a concern for parents & guardians whether to leave their children in the car whilst they refuel & pay for fuel. It can also be very challenging for people with babies, disabilities, injuries and the elderly. Some people simply feel uncomfortable fuelling at all, especially in the dark, and send their partners to the petrol station on their behalf. 

At Fuel Drop, safety is our number one concern. By leaving their fuel flap open, our customers don't even need to be present when the fuel delivery is made. Users will receive a notification when our driver is enroute, and when their car has been fuelled, a receipt will then be emailed automatically detailing the amount of fuel put into the tank.



Our beta testing zone is in Darwin & Palmerston, our home turf, to ensure we are on hand to iron out any initial creases.